Deep Like

What is a deep like on social media?

Liking a person's old post on social media

A "deep like" is when a person scrolls through someone's social media profile and accidentally or intentionally likes a post. Deep likes usually occur when someone is investigating (or stalking) their crush's social profile.

Since people post much of their lives online, including pictures, interests, and opinions, it's become easier to get to know a person. Interested people can scroll through others' profiles and like a post, causing the other person to receive a notification that one of their older posts was liked.

When a person likes an older post, the "deep like" can lead to embarrassment, uneasiness, or flattery depending on who's doing the liking. If it's a creepy guy you just met, then it is probably a feeling of uneasiness. If it's a person you were flirting with at the bar, then you might find it flattering.

You may encounter deep likes on various social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. If you do accidentally like an older post you can unlike it right away, but the other person may have seen the deep like.


Josie received a deep like from Ben and she's a little weirded out by it

Getting notified about a deep like

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Updated October 27, 2021

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