What is a delusionship?

An imagined romatic relationship

A delusionship is a person's imagined relationship with their crush. These imaginings might consist of simple daydreams or intricate, involved fantasies. Either way, the person engaged in a delusionship likely knows their imagined relationship is not real (no matter how much they want it to be). Thus, most delusionships are perfectly healthy.

In some cases, however, people get too attached to a delusionship, and become obsessed with their crush's thoughts and actions. In these instances, the person may eventually come to believe that their crush is breadcrumbing them, even if their crush is doing no such thing.


I'm in a fantastic delusionship with Keanu Reeves and Pedro Pascal
Hey, whatever gets you through the winter
Some people take their delusionships seriously
Some people take their delusionships seriously

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Updated November 15, 2023

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