What does delulu mean?


Delulu is an abbreviation of "delusional" that describes when someone is acting bizarre. Their strange behavior may be due to an intense obsession with a crush, intoxication, fatigue, etc.

For example, you may be obsessed with Harry Styles and confess, "OMG. I'm delulu for Harry." Or, your friend may share that he thinks Paris is overrated, and you reply, "bruh, you are delulu. paris is lit."

Origin of Delulu

It is unclear who coined delulu, but its roots trace back to the K-pop community of superfans when they shortened "delusional" to "delu," then added an extra "lu" for the adorbs factor. It became popular in 2021, mainly among K-pop fanboys and fangirls to mock other superfans' beliefs.

For example, a K-pop stan who believes they will one day meet and start a relationship with their favorite idol may be called delulu by other stans. Shippers who ship different couples may also call each other delulu as they argue the merits of their OTPs.

Delulu then exploded in popularity in 2023 as it spread into the greater public's lexicon. Now, you may see or hear it in various contexts, including social media, messages, and in real life when someone is acting cray.


I am going to meet Shakira, and she's going to fall in love with me
Boy, you delulu
A look into the delulu side of Twitter
A look into the delulu side of Twitter

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Updated December 19, 2023

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