What is a video game demake?

A video game remade for an old platform

In gaming, a demake is a modern (by some definition) game remade to run on and/or match the aesthetics of an old platform. These labors of love, typically created by enthusiastic fans, translate a game's gameplay, graphics, and audio to past platforms' standards.

For example, the game Super Smash Land is a demake of the original Super Smash Bros.. It translates the original Smash's 3D graphics and gameplay to the Game Boy's 2D, 8-bit standards (but is played on Microsoft Windows).

Because most demakes are unofficial, unauthorized releases, they're typically distributed as freeware. Some publishers, however, have created and sold official (or officially licensed) demakes.


Have you played the Dead Space PS1 demake? It's super interesting, and a good port
A gamer showing of an N64 demake of Portal
A gamer showing of an N64 demake of Portal

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Updated April 12, 2023

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