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1. What does GB stand for in MMORPGs?

Guild bank

In World of Warcraft (WoW) and other MMORPGs, a GB (guild bank) is a shared repository from which guild members can deposit and withdraw items and money. This allows guild members to easily share items and money with each other.

You can access a GB only if you are a member of the appropriate guild. Additionally, some GBs use advanced permissions to prevent, for example, newer members from withdrawing rare items.


My account got hacked and they looted the whole gb ...
Some GBs' contents are more valuable than others'

Some GBs' contents are more valuable than others'

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Updated June 28, 2022
2. What is gb short for?


Gb is an abbreviation for "goodbye," which is typically used online or in text messages. It is a simple way to say bye to someone when ending the conversation.

The gb abbreviation is one of the more popular ways to say bye to someone, although there are a ton of alternatives. You could say bai, BB, toodles, TTYL, B4N, bubi, cheerio, or one of the other infinite options.


Gb Image

Gb means goodbye

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Updated April 2, 2019
3. What game console is a GB?

Game Boy

A GB (Game Boy) is a popular handheld game console developed by Nintendo. It features a monochrome screen, a directional pad, two gaming buttons, and support for game cartridges.

Nintendo released the GB in 1989; it took the 1990s by storm, becoming one of the most successful gaming consoles ever (besting competitors like the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear). Its popular games include Tetris, Pokémon Red and Blue, Super Mario Land, Mega Man V, Kirby's Dream Land, and Metroid II: Return of Samus.

Although Nintendo eventually replaced the GB with other offerings, such as Game Boy Color (GBC) and Game Boy Advance (GBA), it is still one of the most beloved handheld consoles. Nowadays, retro gamers may use GB to refer to the system, as well as gamers that emulate GB on their computers.


I loved Tetris on the GB. My sister and I had some epic clashes.

Playing a retro GB

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Updated March 15, 2022
4. What is gb short for?


A technical abbreviation that stands for 1,000,000,000 bytes; associated with a device's storage capacity, such as a HDD or SSD; often called "gigs;" one thousand gigabytes makes up a TB.


The computer has a hard drive with 800GB, is that enough?
Since you won't be doing a lot of storage intensive projects, that should be plenty.

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Updated February 19, 2014

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