What is stpd short for?


If you think something is lame, or just unintelligent you may use "stpd" to describe it. The abbreviation is typically used online and in text messages, and simply removes the vowels in the word.

Where does stpd come from?

There are no clear origins of the "stpd" abbreviation. It is just one of many acronyms that gained more usage in the late-1990s and early-2000s as Internet lingo and texting became more commonplace.

Who uses stpd?

The abbreviation is rather obscure, so not many people use it. The ones who do use it are typically people who love Internet lingo, in general. If you don't like abbreviations, you probably think abbreviating a six-letter word with four letters is stpd.


Y do u use so many stpd acronyms and abbreviations?

When you do something stpd

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Updated April 5, 2021

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