What does DINO stand for?

Democrat in name only

DINO stands for "Democrat in name only," which is a way to criticize a person who calls himself a Democrat but doesn't act like it. It is typically used by Democrats to call out fake Democrats that are not liberal enough or too radical to be a legitimate Democrat.

The "Democrat in name only" phrase dates back to the early-1900s and was primarily used by U.S. politicians and journalists. It eventually was shortened into the "DINO" acronym and became popular in the 1990s, along with the "RINO" acronym, which is short for "Republicans in name only."

DINO is still used but not as commonly as the RINO acronym. You will most likely see DINO online, especially on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. You may also hear it spoken in-person when people are discussing politics.


She's such a DINO, I can't take her seriously anymore
Yeah, she'll probably run as a Republican the next election
A DINO tweet
A DINO tweet

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Updated December 1, 2020

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