What does DINKWAD stand for on social media?

Double income no kids with a dog

DINKWAD stands for "double income no kids with a dog." You're most likely to encounter this acronym on social media and in forums, describing millennial and zoomer couples who fit the description.

The origin of DINKWAD

Due to a variety of societal shifts and economic pressures, more and more married (and unmarried) couples are choosing to not have kids and keep both partners working. These couples, as you may already know, are sometimes referred to as DINKs.

Either because they like dogs or they're looking for "fur babies," many of these kidless, dual-income couples choose to add a canine companion to their family. As the prevalence of DINKs with dogs became overwhelming, people began expanding DINK to DINKWAD to describe the phenomenon.


Justin and Greg are living that DINKWAD lifestyle ... it's my dream life. They must be so happy they found each other
A Twitter user defines DINKWAD
A Twitter user defines DINKWAD

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Updated February 1, 2023

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