Discord Daddy

What is a Discord Daddy?

A Discord user who gives gifts in exchange for relationships

Discord Daddies are Discord users who give out gifts to Discord Kittens. These Daddies are usually but not always older men, who favor young female (or female-presenting) users who act cute and subservient.

What is Discord?

Discord is a text, voice, and video chat app that allows users to converse with each other in topic-related servers, and by DM. While the app is most popular among gamers, other groups also use Discord to meet up online and chat with each other.

How being a Discord Daddy works

Discord Daddies may maintain relationships with one or more Discord Kittens, who act attracted to and submissive toward their Daddy. In return for their Kittens' affection, Daddies give out gifts, which most often take the form of a Discord Nitro subscription or money.

While Discord Daddies typically hold the power in a Daddy-Kitten relationship, either or both parties could turn out to be scammers or creeps. For this reason, neither a Daddy nor a Kitten should give personal information to the other, as it could be used maliciously.


My Discord Daddy gave me $50 and a free Nitro subscription
Doesn't matter how much stuff you get; still creepy
TMW your Discord Daddying gets the better of you
TMW your Discord Daddying gets the better of you

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Updated May 25, 2023

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