Discord Kitten

What is a Discord Kitten?

A Discord user who acts cute to get gifts

Discord Kittens are Discord users who act cute or enter into relationships with other users to get gifts. These gifts may be Discord-specific items, such as a Discord Nitro subscription, or IRL items, such as money, jewelry, or clothing.

What is Discord?

Discord is a messaging, voice, and video call app that allows users to connect with each other via various topic-related servers or DMs. It's most popular among gamers, but also used by a variety of other groups.

How being a Discord Kitten works

Discord Kittens' relationships with their Discord Daddies primarily take place online, within Discord itself. There Discord Kittens flirt with, act subservient to, and otherwise attempt to impress users who they think will give them gifts.

As you might expect, being a Discord Kitten can be fraught with danger, especially if a Kitten and their Daddy extend their relationship outside Discord. For this reason, Discord Kittens should never share personal information with their Daddy. And because Kittens can also be scammers or creeps, the same holds true for Discord Daddies.


Moira decided to become a Discord Kitten and made $500 last week
Yeah, but at what price?
A user who did not want to become a Discord Kitten
A user who did not want to become a Discord Kitten

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Updated May 25, 2023

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