StarCraft 2 Slang

Blizzard's StarCraft was one of the most popular real-time strategy (RTS) games of all time. StarCraft II (SC2) created a resurgence in the StarCraft gaming (and viewing) community. It also introduced a new collection of slang terms. Whether you're just starting out in Bronze league or you've laddered up to Master, it helps to be familiar with StarCraft slang. Below are some of the terms and phrases every SC2 player should know.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
Mid gameMiddle phase of a game
ZvTZerg versus Terran
GogoGo now
SC2StarCraft 2
nukeNuclear missile
PPPause please
HFHave fun
RushTo quickly attack and cause damage
KekeKorean laugh
SpeedlingZergling with Metabolic Boost
CCCommand Center
GosuHighly skilled
TvTTerran versus Terran
TvZTerran versus Zerg
PvTProtoss versus Terran
epmEffective actions per minute
Base raceSimultaneous attacks on enemy bases
RTSReal-time strategy
BioballGroup of Terran biological units
TvPTerran versus Protoss
DTDark Templar
chargelotCharge Zealot
NaturalNatural expansion
BioBiological units
APMActions per minute
LOTVLegacy of the Void
RoboRobotics Facility
MacroEconomy management skill
GGLGood game loser
BarCraftWatching StarCraft at a bar
sc2niteStarCraft 2 tonight?
SkytossAn air-focused Protoss strategy
MechMechanical units
PvZProtoss versus Zerg
ZvPZerg versus Protoss
PvPProtoss versus Protoss
FFEForge fast expand
HotSHeart of the Swarm
GSTLGlobal StarCraft Team League
ZvZZerg versus Zerg
PFPlanetary Fortress
TPvPZTerran Protoss versus Protoss Zerg
MMMMarine, Marauder, Medivac
WWWell won
WOLWings of Liberty
KekKorean laugh