What does BIM stand for in construction?

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative process that includes using a digital representation of a build to plan, design, and construct the actual physical build. Its purpose is to facilitate collaboration across all stages of a construction project to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and safety for everyone involved.

Where did BIM come from?

Computer-related building modeling dates back to the 1970s, but the BIM concept did not coalesce until the early-2000s when technology could better support the idea. Autodesk spearheaded the foray into BIM and promoted the interoperability of digital models between proprietary software applications, which led to the development of non-proprietary and open BIM standards.

In the 2010s, governments and companies began mandating BIM to reduce the financial, material, and labor waste incurred from fractured stages of the construction and operation process. This development, coupled with the progression of technology, expedited the adoption of BIM in the construction industry.

Who utilizes BIM technology?

BIM is pertinent to professionals who contribute to constructing and maintaining a physical build, such as a stadium or a skyscraper. Occupations that utilize BIM include architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, real estate developers, surveyors, and maintenance crews.

How does BIM work?

Software and BIM 2D and 3D models make BIM possible, allowing users to design, modify, and review build plans on a computer or mobile device. All of the users involved in the construction and operation of a build can access the same BIM model through an online space that updates and reflects changes made to it by users with the appropriate access.

BIM models store all of the information about a build, including parts, materials, financial, logistical, and geospatial data. This capability allows all users working on the same build across different stages of the construction and operation process to access the same updated information and work more efficiently.


BIM guides my numerous teams from the planning, to the design, to the construction, to the operation of our buildings in the greater metro area

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Updated September 22, 2021

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