What does SFY stand for in online forums?

Speak for yourself

When someone doesn't agree with your opinion, they may use SFY to mean "speak for yourself." This reply means that, while what you've said might be true for you, it definitely isn't true for the person with whom you're talking.

For example, if you tell a web forum full of cinephiles that Christopher Nolan's Tenet was an indecipherable mess, another user might respond with "SFY, I really enjoyed it." That user disagrees with your opinion, and they think you shouldn't state it as an absolute truth. (Also, they probably have a better home theater system than you do.)


Anyone with a brain knows we should have traded Rodgers years ago
SFY, I think he's been doing good work. He's just had terrible support

SFY stands for "speak for yourself"

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Updated July 20, 2023

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