Don't @ Me

What does don't @ me mean?

Don't mention me in your tweets

Don't @ me is a common phrase on Twitter that people use when they don't want other Tweeple to mention them in their tweets. It is typically done when a person tweets a hot take but doesn't want direct responses because he doesn't care about other people's opinions.

The "@" symbol is used in Twitter to speak directly to Twitter users. It precedes a person's username and when used, pops up in the feed for all the person's followers. Besides not wanting to hear other people's opinions, "don't @ me" is also used when a person doesn't want to be associated with a topic discussed on Twitter. The term may also appear as "don't @me."


Brady is the GOAT, don't @ me
Quite the hot take
Quite the hot take

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Updated August 3, 2017

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