What is ducking?

Placing a rubber duck on a Jeep

If you own a Jeep, you might have encountered the "ducking" trend. This is when someone places a rubber duck on a Jeep as a friendly gesture. It could be a way to acknowledge a fellow Jeep enthusiast, show appreciation for someone's Jeep, or simply brighten someone's day.

Origin of ducking

The "ducking" trend started with Allison Parliament, a Jeep Wrangler owner from Ontario, Canada, in 2020. After a traumatic experience, she placed a rubber duck on another Jeep Wrangler at a gas station as a small act of kindness and joy.

The idea quickly caught on, especially through social media, and now many Jeep Wrangler owners place rubber ducks of all colors, styles, and sizes on other Wranglers' hoods, fenders, and side mirrors. People have also referred to the trend as "Jeep Ducking" and "Duck Duck Jeep."

While some Jeep enthusiasts believe it's a Wrangler-only tradition, owners of other Jeep models like the Cherokee and Gladiator also participate. Owners of other car makes and models have also attempted to join the trend, placing ducks on all types of vehicles.


Joel really got into ducking. He bought a box of rubber ducks in case he sees other Wranglers
Wow. That's commitment
Reddit ducking post
Reddit ducking post

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Updated June 6, 2024

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