What does DUCT stand for?

Did you see that?

DUCT stands for "did you see that," which people send when they want to know if someone saw the same remarkable thing they saw. People often use it online when messaging or texting when referring to something out of the ordinary or exciting that they recently watched.

For example, your sister may text you, "DUCT mom and dad are going to Hawaii without us?" Or, you may message your friend, "DUCT trailer for the new Batman movie? It looks awesome!"

People may also use DUST instead of DUCT since they mean the same thing. Also, you may confuse people if you use DUCT since it is not well known, and people may think you're talking about air ducts or duct tape.


DUCT? He just posted on Facebook that he got a new job!
Awesome news!


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Updated November 29, 2022

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