What is a Karen?

An entitled woman

A "Karen" is a woman who acts entitled, expects certain privileges or special treatment, and gets angered easily. The term is often used to criticize the behavior of self-absorbed white, affluent, and middle-aged women, but may also be applied to anybody being "extra", or acting demanding and overly dramatic.

Where did Karen come from?

The "Karen" term originated from Reddit in 2017 when a user ranted about his ex-wife Karen and the things she was doing that annoyed him. It became a subreddit and grew in popularity as a meme to make fun of women acting aggressively petty.

The term is often used online accompanying videos capturing the aggressively petty behavior of white women. Some examples of "Karen" behavior include blocking people from an open car space so your friend can park there or screaming at retail workers about a refund policy.

Central Park Karen

Sometimes the "Karen" behavior can be more dangerous, especially in regards to racial issues. One instance of this occurred in May 2020 when a woman in Central Park in New York City called the cops on a black man who asked her to leash her dog and she told the police that the man was "threatening her life." When the video of this incident went viral online, the woman became widely known as "Central Park Karen."

Other slang names like Karen

"Karen" is one of many name-related terms that have been used to describe people who exhibit certain traits or behavior. Some examples include "Felicia," "Becky," "Chad," and "Kyle."


They should throw that man in jail for playing for money on the sidewalk.
Wow, you are acting like a real Karen, Linda.

A dark-lord Karen should not be messed with

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Updated October 7, 2021

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