What does EATEOT stand for?

Everywhere at the End of Time

Fans of musician the Caretaker (aka Leyland Kirby) use EATEOT to stand for "Everywhere at the End of Time." This set of six albums was released from 2016 to 2019, and it was meant to auditorily depict the onset and progression of dementia. EATEOT consists of ever-degrading loops of sampled ballroom music, which represent the decay of memory.

Each of EATEOT's six albums, referred to as stages, was released six months apart to convey the passage of time for the album's "protagonist." Stages one through three deal with the initial signs, recognition, and onset of dementia. Stages four through six deal with the resulting confusion, awareness, and "post-awareness" dementia produces. When combined, EATEOT's six stages contain six and a half hours of electronic music.


Don't listen to EATEOT if you're in a bad headspace. It can be quite depressing
The album cover art for EATEOT Stage 1
The album cover art for EATEOT Stage 1

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Updated December 7, 2021

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