What does sadge mean on Twitch?


Twitch chat users enter sadge in chat when they witness something sad or depressing. Sadge is also a popular Twitch emote, which produces a picture of a sullen Pepe the Frog.

Where did sadge originate?

While sadge's origins are unclear, it may have started out as a portmanteau of "sad" and "cringe." Over time, the "cringe" part of sadge's meaning faded, and the word came to mean just "sad."

In January 2020, the sadge emote was added to both the BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ Twitch extensions, giving many streamers and their audiences access to the sadge emote.

How is sadge used?

If a streamer or Twitch chat user says or does something sad, other users may respond with sadge. For example, if a streamer fails to score a game-winning goal in Rocket League, their audience may spam sadge in chat. To post the sadge emote, users with access to the emote enter :sadge: in chat.


ICBLEAVE you missed that headshot
So sadge
The sadge emote
The sadge emote

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Updated May 4, 2021

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