What does endgame mean re: relationships?

A couple that is meant to be together

When people say a couple is endgame, they believe that couple is meant to eventually be together, regardless of their current circumstances. Most often, you'll see this slang term used in fandom communities, to describe fans' preferred OTPs. (E.g. "Spider-Man and MJ are endgame; I don't care how many times Marvel undoes their marriage.")

However, as the term endgame became more popular, people also began using it to describe their preferred IRL couples. For example, your friend Bill might send you a text that says "I really love how Zack and Trisha are together; I hope they're endgame."


If Joyce and Hopper aren't endgame in Stranger Things, I'll smash my TV
A Reddit post discussing HIMYM endgame couples
A Reddit post discussing HIMYM endgame couples

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Updated February 15, 2023

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