1. What does OTP stand for?

On the phone

Someone who is OTP is "on the phone." You're most likely to encounter this acronym in chat messages, sent while the person you'd like to chat with is speaking with someone else via telephone.

Usually, the person who is OTP will want to WAM before continuing to chat. If you get bored while you're waiting, feel free to keep browsing the site ...


I'm OTP right now; I'll chat with you in a little bit

A woman who is OTP

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Updated November 11, 2021
2. What does OTP stand for?

One true pairing

OTP is an acronym that stands for "one true pairing" and is used when a person describes a perfect romantic couple. The acronym typically refers to a book or movie character that a person thinks would be the perfect match for him or her.

OTP is commonly used by fanboys and fangirls that are big admirers of a character that possesses certain traits. The acronym is similar to the shipping term.


My OTP is Ryan from his latest movie. I think he's perfect for me!

TFW you see your OTP together

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Updated April 26, 2021
3. What does OTP mean when logging in?

One-time password

Online services use the acronym OTP to refer to a "one-time password." A one-time password is a temporary password you use to log in to your account only once. After that, the OTP expires, and you must log in using either your regular password or a subsequent OTP.

Why, when, and how am I likely to receive an OTP?

Many online service providers now use OTPs in place of regular passwords. This prevents:

  • You from having to remember yet another password
  • Malicious entities from being able to steal your password (because you don't have a set password)

Typically, you'll receive an OTP when you attempt to log in to your account. The service you're logging in to will then send an OTP to the email address or phone number linked with your account. (An OTP may also be used as part of 2FA.)

For example, if you attempt to log in to your Microsoft account online, the company will email an OTP to the email linked to your account. You must then retrieve the OTP from your email and use it to finish logging in.


I love OTPs because I don't have to remember passwords anymore. I hate them because I need access to my email when I want to log in.
A Twitter user praising OTPs
A Twitter user praising OTPs

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Updated January 6, 2022

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