Meet Cute

What is a meet cute?

A charming first meeting between two people

A meet cute is an adorable first encounter between two people that typically leads to a romantic relationship. It is popularized in TV shows and movies, especially rom coms.

Meet cutes involve some sort of peculiar circumstance that makes them stand out from other, more mundane origin stories. It may be a humorous coincidence, comical misunderstanding, or an adorable embarrassment.

The term originated in the film industry, with it already being established as a trope among screenwriters in the 1940s. As classic meet cutes were portrayed by countless actors over the years, the term didn't enter the pop culture lexicon until the 2010s as fans obsessively shipped their favorite characters.

Some well-known movies with classic meet cutes include Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Aladdin, The Wedding Planner, Singin' in the Rain, Sleepless in Seattle Before Sunrise, To All The Boys: Always and Forever, The Notebook, and every Hallmark Channel movie. It may also appear as "meet-cute."


OMG, the best meet cute of all-time has to be the Romeo and Juliet fish tank scene

That magical meet cute moment

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Updated February 12, 2021

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