What type of olive oil is EVOO?

Extra virgin olive oil

EVOO is the highest quality type of olive oil that provides many health benefits, including antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats. It is better than other types of olive oil because its production results from crushing and kneading the highest quality olives instead of blending average or subpar olives through chemicals or heat, which yields less pure, processed olive oil.

You may see EVOO in various contexts, including food blogs, restaurant menus, and labels in grocery stores. For example, a foodie may rave about a dish they made with EVOO on social media (e.g., "Once I began using EVOO in my diet regularly, my skin improved drastically").

Another example of when you may see it is in the description of an item on a restaurant menu. For example, a dish on a menu may bear the description, "Oven-baked salmon filet served with a garlic-infused sauce and vegetables sautéed in EVOO."


After I found out the health benefits of EVOO, I've only used it since
Wow, u have become so boujee
Redditor raving about their bottle of EVOO
Redditor raving about their bottle of EVOO

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Updated October 17, 2023

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