What is a Redditor?

A Reddit user

A Redditor is a person who uses Reddit, which is a news, web forum, and social media platform. Redditors have Reddit accounts and are typically subscribed to a number of subreddits, which are Reddit's topic-specific sub-forums. While anyone (including those without a Reddit account) can use Reddit as a lurker, most Redditors actively post and engage with others' content.

What do Redditors do?

Many Redditors use their accounts simply to comment on news items and other Redditors' posts. Others actively post news, cat GIFs, angry rants, interesting links, and all sorts of other content across Reddit's many, many subreddits. Dedicated Redditors can even become mods of their favorite subreddits, giving them the power to control what posts and comments appear in those subreddits.

Notably, Reddit allows Redditors to remain anonymous, which allows users to post embarrassing stories or ask stupid questions without fear of reprisal. Many of the posts in the TIFU subreddit, for example, are made by anonymous users who have created "throwaway" accounts, so their stories cannot be linked to their real identities.


Did you see how many Redditors have joined the r/WallStreetBets subreddit in the last week? It's nuts!
Redditors often pose questions to other Redditors
Redditors often pose questions to other Redditors

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Updated March 25, 2021

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