Fab has 2 meanings
1. What is fab short for?


Anything excellent or wonderful may be described as "fab," which is short for "fabulous." It is most often seen online, especially on social media and in text messages, but may also say it in real life.

Most people use fab to describe superficial things like haircuts, outfits, food, homes, shoes, and cars. However, people (mostly females) may also use it to describe others they are particularly fond of or encourage other females.

Keep in mind that "fab" carries a stigma of hyperbole and entitlement. So be judicious when you use it because you may be judged harshly.


Those photos your posted are fab!

Sometimes you need to be reminded that you are fab

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Updated July 8, 2021
2. What does FaB mean in gaming?

Flesh and Blood

Gamers often refer to the trading card game (TCG) Flesh and Blood as FaB. This fast-paced, combat-based game released in 2019, from publisher Legend Story Studios.

In FaB, players take on the role of fantastic warriors who battle in head-to-head matches. Before starting a match, players choose the weapons and armor with which their warrior will battle. Then, each player takes turns attacking the other and defending against their opponent's attacks, in sequences that resemble cinematic duels or fighting video game matches.

FaB has a dedicated competitive scene, and it is played IRL at many local game stores (LGSes). Notably, FaB designer James White has said the game will never have an online version (a fact that influenced the game's name). However, you can find online discussion of FaB on various gaming forums and websites, as well as social media.


I switched from MTG to FAB a few months ago. I was just getting burnt out on Magic's release schedule
I've honestly thought about doing the same thing
A gamer searching for stores that carry FaB
A gamer searching for stores that carry FaB

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Updated March 28, 2023

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