What does LCG stand for?

Living card game

LCGs, or "living card games," are games in which players assemble custom decks of cards and battle against (or often, alongside) each other. They are similar to TCGs and CCGs with one large difference: Instead of asking players to buy randomized "booster packs" to procure new cards, LCGs sell expansion packs that contain a fixed set of cards. As a result, LCG players always know what cards they'll get when they purchase an expansion.

Where does the term LCG come from?

LCG is a trademarked term used primarily to discuss a genre of card games produced by Fantasy Flight Games. Fantasy Flight has published a variety of LCGs, including Star Wars: The Card Game, The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, and Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Gamers may refer to any of these games as an LCG.

In some cases, gamers may use LCG to refer to a non-Fantasy Flight card game that follows the same release model as Fantasy Flight's LCGs. For example, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is not a Fantasy Flight game, but because it consists of a core set and a number of fixed expansions, players may refer to the game as an LCG.


My favorite LCG is Marvel Champions. What's yours?
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Updated July 16, 2021

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