Fake Body

What does fake body mean on TikTok?

A video contains revealing clothing

When a TikTok user posts a video that shows them in revealing clothing, they may add "fake body" to that video's description or text. This is an attempt to prevent TikTok's automated censors from removing the video for containing partial nudity.

The thinking is, including the words fake body in a video's description or text will "trick" TikTok's moderation system into believing the video does not contain actual skin. Thus, the system won't flag or remove the video. While some TikTokers claim this practice works, YMMV.

Typically, you'll see fake body included in a video's description or hashtags. It is usually written in all caps and accompanied by a pair of caution emojis. Often, people use fake body when posting thirst trap videos, in hopes the label will prevent their deliberately-provocative video from getting removed.


! Fake Body ! Thirst Trap Thursday - Dancing With Myself

A real fake body

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Updated November 10, 2022

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