What does XTL mean online and in messages?

Cross the line

People may send "XTL" in response to someone's offensive or insensitive comments to tell them that they've "crossed the line." The person receiving XTL may have overstepped certain social norms or said something flat-out inappropriate.

You will likely see XTL online, including in social media, and messages when someone gets offended. Trolls and griefers receive it quite a bit, but you may inadvertently cross someone's abstract line even if you aren't trying to make them mad.

Depending on the context in which a person uses XTL, you might translate it as "crossed the line" or "crossing the line." For example, you might remark that your crass uncle "XTL at dinner," or you may warn your friend not to "XTL with the teacher again."


I can't believe she posted what I told her on Facebook!
Yeah, she completely XTL. Wow

XTL warning

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Updated April 10, 2023

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