Fake Natty

What does fake natty?

A person who appears to be naturally fit but is not

In the weightlifting world, "fake natty" is when a person appears or claims to be fit by "natural" means, but they've taken performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), such as HGH or anabolic steroids, or have had cosmetic surgery. For example, your friend may remark about a bodybuilder, "Jared claims he's natty, but he got swoll so fast, he's gotta be fake natty."

People often use fake natty in weightlifting- or fitness-related forums online or in groups on social sites (like Facebook and Reddit) when discussing people's physiques. You may also hear the fake natty term in real-life IRL gymnasiums and locker rooms.

For example, a Redditor may post a pic of himself in a mirror, and another user comments, "Fake natty. No way this didn't come from PEDs." Or, your gym buddy may remark, "When we first met, I thought you were fake natty, but I'm glad to say you proved me wrong."


I saw Stella juicing the other day
I knew she was a fake natty!
Redditor complaining about trainers and influencers that are fake natty
Redditor complaining about trainers and influencers that are fake natty

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Updated January 29, 2024

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