What does DLDR stand for in fandom?

Don't like, don't read

Fandom uses DLDR as shorthand for the philosophy "don't like, don't read." Fans who subscribe to this philosophy believe it's better to disregard fanfic (or other fan content) one doesn't like, rather than rail against it in a comment, forum, or social media post.

Typically, fans use DLDR to admonish those who post negative comments about someone else's fanfic or preferred ship. In these fans' eyes, it's easy to just ignore content you don't like, and there's no reason to waste time yucking someone else's yum.

In some cases, fanfic creators use DLDR as part of a warning to readers - stating their fanfic may contain problematic plot points. If a reader doesn't like the plot points labeled DLDR, they likely shouldn't read the fanfic.


I wish more antis just subscribed to DLDR
A fan who subscribes to the DLDR philosophy
A fan who subscribes to the DLDR philosophy

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Updated July 25, 2022

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