What does RPF stand for?

Real person fiction

RPF, or "real person fiction," is fan fiction that stars real people. For example, a fan of Hugh Jackman might write an RPF in which the actor is transformed into the character Wolverine, and he begins battling villains IRL instead of on-screen.

Sub-genres of RPF

RPF contains many sub-genres, most of which are named "topicfic." For example, the Hugh Jackman-centric story described above would classify as actorfic - which is RPF that tells fictional stories about real-life actors.

Some other RPF sub-genres include:

  • Musicfic: RPF that stars IRL musicians
  • Shipfic: RPF that ships two IRL people, often celebrities
  • Sportsfic: RPF that stars IRL athletes
  • Boyband slash: RPF that stars multiple boybands, who usually end up hooking up


I write RPF starring Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant. Usually, they just grab dinner together somewhere new
Some "historical fiction" might be considered RPF
Some "historical fiction" might be considered RPF

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Updated August 25, 2021

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