What does fauxpology mean?

Fake apology

Fauxpology is a term that refers to an apology that comes across as fake or insincere to the recipient. It is usually made by a person who doesn't actually think he was in the wrong but is forced to apologize to someone.

Fauxpologies often include blame being put on a person for being offended or an attempt to change the topic. Fauxpologies are commonly given by a person in the limelight such as a celebrity, athlete, or politician, that has been caught in a scandal. They usually apologize for PR reasons instead of out of remorse. Fauxpology is similar to the nonpology term.


He said he regretted what he did, but it was definitely a fauxpology
An apology that is not really an apology
An apology that is not really an apology

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Updated November 15, 2017

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