1. What does PR stand for?

Public relations

An acronym that refers to the public relations of an organization, but also can be adapted for use in general chat slang.


He's just pulling another PR stunt to get attention

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Updated September 8, 2014
2. What do programmers use PR to mean?

Pull request

Programmers working with the Git version control system use PR to mean "pull request." Most often, you'll see developers use PR when discussing a pull request they've made via GitHub, a popular online version of Git.

What is a pull request?

Development teams use version control software like Git and GitHub to track changes they've made to a project and ensure each developer's individual changes mesh correctly. For example, if two developers are working on separate additions to a project, they can use Git to ensure they don't accidentally overwrite or otherwise interfere with each other's additions.

When a developer wants to add their changes to a project via Git, they create a PR. This signals that the developer wants the project's maintainer to "pull" their changes into the project's main branch. The project's development team then reviews the proposed changes and, if they're happy with them, pulls them into the main version.


Just about done with the new feature; will submit a PR later today
Developers discussing a noteworthy PR in the r/Programming subreddit
Developers discussing a noteworthy PR in the r/Programming subreddit

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Updated September 2, 2022
3. What does PR stand for?

Personal record

When you accomplish a feat that is the best you have ever achieved, that is your personal record, or "PR." The feat usually occurs in some type of competition, whether it be online gaming or in sports.

In gaming, the PR acronym refers to a gamer's best score. People typically share it with other gamers to brag about their high score.

In sports, the PR acronym refers to an athlete's individual best score. It may appear in sporting events that feature individual performances, like figure skating, track, or gymnastics (although these events often use the PB acronym).

You may also use PR to refer to when you've done random things very well. Examples include getting dressed quickly, cooking the best-tasting breakfast, or getting the most compliments on the kicks you are wearing.


I solved the Rubik's cube in 58 seconds
Nice! You beat my PR by 10 sends

Setting goals for that PR

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Updated September 30, 2021

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