What does fbriend mean?

A Facebook friend

FBriend is a term that refers to a Facebook friend, which is a friend on Facebook but most likely not in real life. It is a shorter version of Facebook friend.

FBriends are different than friends because they are people you vaguely know and would most likely not hang out with in real life. FBriends are acquaintances, such as friends of other friends or people you met once years ago but don't keep in touch with anymore. You rarely see FBriends outside of the Facebook social network. Whereas, actual friends are people you see in real life and enjoy doing things with, such as going to the movies or eating at a restaurant. You may have a lot of Facebook friends, but most likely only a dozen real friends.


Who's Todd?
Oh, just a FBriend I met a couple years ago
Well, he may be facestalking you with all these likes and comments
FBriend means
FBriend means A Facebook friend

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Updated February 25, 2019

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