What does FFS mean?

For f***'s sake


FFS ("for f***'s sake") is an acronym that angry gamers and social media users employ to express annoyance, disappointment, and/or frustration. Saying FFS is the same as saying "I can't believe this" or "WTH."

For f***'s sake is a variant of "for Christ's sake" and "for God's sake" that swaps concern for a divine entity's opinion with an F-bomb. As with most acronyms that include f***, FFS is a bit overdramatic. If you want to express your exasperation less profanely, you can use SMH or OMG in place of FFS.


FFS, can you at least *try* to help?
A use of FFS on Twitter
A use of FFS on Twitter

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Updated March 9, 2021

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