LML has 2 meanings
1. What does LML stand for?

Laughing mad loud

LML is an acronym that stands for "laughing mad loud," which is a more intense version of LOL that may make you seem as if you've gone mad. It is typically seen online or in text messages.

LML is often used when something is really funny and catches you off guard or an inside joke really tickles your funny bone. It usually does not mean you actually laughed out loud, although in some cases you may release a chuckle.


That was hilarious! LML!

LMLing real hard

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Updated June 27, 2018
2. What does LML stand for?

Love my life

An acronym used sarcastically when something inconvenient or unexpected happens in your life.


Oh great, I forgot to turn in my homework today. LML...

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Updated September 2, 2014

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