What does FYL stand for in messages?

F*** your life


FYL is an acronym that implies a person's life is not going well. People may use it to commiserate with people in various negative situations, such as being dumped or losing a loved one.

For example, if your friend shares that their dog just died, you might respond with, "FYL, man. I'm sorry to hear that." Or, your sister may complain about losing her job, "That sucks. FYL. U wanna go get drinks?"

People may also use it when someone utters FML. For example, your friend may text you, "I just fell asleep on my keyboard and deleted my document. FML," and you reply with, "FYL, bruh."


Sorry you had to deal with that... FYL

That FYL disbelief

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Updated July 24, 2023

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