What does FOFL stand for online and in messages?

Falling on the floor laughing

FOFL communicates the reaction to something so funny that it makes you fall on the floor (or at least feel like you could fall on the floor) from laughing so hard. People typically use it as hyperbole online (particularly on social media) or when messaging in reaction to a funny story, meme, video, etc.

For example, if your friend shares a story of how she mistook your mom for a celebrity, you might respond with "FOFL. That's hilarious!" Or, if you send a gut-busting political meme to your uncle, he might text back with, "That's gold. FOFL!"

FOFL is just one of many hyperbolic terms for reacting to something extra humorous (a step up above LOL). Other options include ROFL, LMAO, FOCL, and IAWMP.


That is too funny! FOFL
IKR?!? IAWMP when I saw that for the first time

So funny that you are literally FOFL

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Updated April 19, 2023

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