1. What does TITF stand for?

Taking it too far

TITF stands for "taking it too far," which is a way to tell a person that he or she just said something that is offensive. You will most likely see it online or in text messages in response to a crude joke.

If you receive TITF you should take it as a polite response to something offensive that you said, then apologize to him or her. While TITF is typically used in response to a joke, it may be sent to someone who just said something that was rude, whether the offender meant it or not.

Some examples of subjects people joke or rant about that often lead to someone TITF include religion, politics, sexism, and racism. If you have been told multiple times that you've taken something too far, you should probably just avoid talking about those subjects.

Also, to make things more complicated, "TITF" may also stand for "that is too funny." So you may need to clarify what the person means or just pick up the phone and talk to him or her.


Whoa, TITF, dude
I'm sorry, I'm just in a bad mood tonite

When the other person is TITF

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Updated December 1, 2020
2. What does TITF stand for?

That is too funny

TITF is an acronym that stands for "That is too funny," which is another way to remark about the hilarity of something. It is often used online or in text messages.

Most people respond with LOL or Haha to a funny occurrence, image, video, sound, etc. So if you decide to use TITF you may confuse the recipient who is not aware of the acronym's meaning.


You actually dressed up Darth Vader when you saw Star Wars in the theater? TITF

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Updated July 10, 2019

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