1. What does ALOL mean in messages and online?

Actually laughing out loud

ALOL is a variation of LOL, which means a person actually laughs out loud rather than just using the expression. It is one of the highest compliments a person can share about something humorous since it means that the funny thing elicited an audible laugh, which is rare.

For example, if you tweet a hilarious meme, one of your followers may reply with, "OMG, ALOL!!" Or, you might message "ALOL. I just made a large noise in the library" after your friend sends you a funny fail video.


I was ALOL when I read your message, it was so funny!
And it's all true. I swear!

Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to ALOL in every one of his interviews

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Updated May 22, 2023
2. What does ALOL stand for?

Audibly laughing out loud

ALOL stands for "Audibly laughing out loud," which is a variation of LOL. It means that a person is really laughing at an audible level, rather than just using the expression.

The acronym is commonly used in text messages and online when reacting to something funny that deserves more than the standard "LOL" acronym. Like when someone shares a hilarious story about a mutual friend or when somebody tells a gut-busting joke. The acronym may also stand for "Actually laughing out loud," which means the same thing as "Audibly laughing out loud."


She was looking for her glasses on the floor then stepped on them

When you are ALOL

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Updated May 18, 2020

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