What is FOMOngering?

Purposefully creating feelings of FOMO

FOMOngering is when a business or individual purposefully tries to create a feeling of FOMO in others. This scare tactic is typically used to convince someone to buy something they otherwise might not have, by stating the item is available in a limited quantity or for a limited time.

For example, a crypto bro may hype up a new cryptocurrency's low price on social media and aggressively state the currency's price is about to rise. This FOMOngering is intended to get other users to buy the cryptocurrency now, before they "miss out" on the low price.

Just like fearmongering (the word from which FOMOngering is derived), FOMOngering is typically used to convince people to do something they shouldn't. If you sense someone is engaging in FOMOngering, you likely shouldn't buy what they're selling.


Can you believe they're offering that DLC for only a limited time? What FOMOngering
In some instances, FOMOngering can backfire spectacularly
In some instances, FOMOngering can backfire spectacularly

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Updated October 7, 2022

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