What does loot mean in gaming?


What do pirates and gamers have in common? They both love to gather loot. In gaming, loot refers to the treasure, weapons, armor, and other valuable items gamers receive from in-game treasure chests, crates, and enemies.

Loot "drops" are often semi-random, meaning different players may receive different loot for completing the same quest or defeating the same enemy. However, some bosses, quests, and crates always provide the same set of loot - often because that loot is needed to complete a later portion of the game.

You may also hear gamers use loot as a verb. For example, a WoW raid leader may command their party to "loot the bodies" after killing a set of enemies. In this case, the raid leader is telling their party to search the enemies' bodies for items. (After all, who knows what loot you might find?)


Wow that last kill gave you a lot of loot!
Some loot is ... more useful than others
Some loot is ... more useful than others

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Updated July 1, 2021

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