What does FOTD stand for on social media?

Face of the Day

Those who frequently discuss makeup, hairdos, and other elements of face fashion use FOTD to mean Face of the Day. Typically, this acronym appears as a hashtag, in social media posts showing off someone's chic, expertly-applied makeup.

While you're most likely to encounter FOTD in fashion-focused social media posts, you may also encounter it in makeup- and fashion-related forums. For example, users in Reddit's r/MakeupAddiction sub also use FOTD to mean Face of the Day (while showing off their likely-beautiful faces).


Loving the makeup on your FOTD today
Thanks, it took a lot of work, but I think it turned out great!
A FOTD post from r/MakeupAddiction
A FOTD post from r/MakeupAddiction

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Updated July 10, 2023

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