What does NOTD mean online?

Nail of the day

NOTD refers to a featured fingernail polish or design for that day. People previously used it in online fashion boards but now typically use it on social media when posting a pic of their nails.

For example, a manicurist influencer may post a pic of her nails on Instagram with the caption, "This NOTD is perfect for prom season!" Or, a future bride-to-be may post in a forum, "OMG, I love this NOTD. Does anyone know where I can get this done in the Twin Cities area?!?"

NOTD is just one of several fashion-related abbreviations or acronyms you may encounter online in fashion forums or on social media. Others include OOTD, SOTD, CAS, LBD, fit, and drip.


What did you think of the pink and white NOTD today?

SHowing off the NOTD

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Updated April 11, 2023

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