What does FP stand for in World of Warcraft?

Flight path

World of Warcraft (WoW) players use FP as shorthand for flight path. A flight path is a means by which players can quickly fly between areas within Azeroth and Outland. To unlock flight paths, players must find flight masters - NPCs who man the points at which flight paths begin and end.

To use a flight path, players must first unlock the end point of that path (by finding the associated flight master). Then, they can fly to that point from any other flight point on the same continent. The mounts that players fly upon travel roughly 4.3 times faster than players' running speed, making flight paths a much speedier mode of transit.


I'm so glad they added more FPs in this expansion
Yeah, traveling was getting tedious
A WoW player asking how to unlock a particular FP
A WoW player asking how to unlock a particular FP

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Updated November 29, 2023

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