What is a fren in crypto communities?

A fellow crypto community member

Fren is a purposeful misspelling of "friend" that members in crypto communities use to acknowledge other members. For example, a member in a crypto forum may post, "Trust me frens. You will want to HODL."

Origin of fren

The origin of fren is unclear, although some trace it back to Pepe the Frog, a comic book character that became famous as a meme. Various Internet communities, including crypto communities, embraced the memes, and the meme has become a meme coin.

The meme featured a purposeful misspelling of "friend" as "fren," which crypto communities adopted in the early 2020s. Now, members of the crypto communities often use fren online to address each other to promote camaraderie.


u can trust jon on his crypto predictions. he's a free
Fren post on X
Fren post on X

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Updated May 17, 2024

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