What does BFAW stand for?

Best friend at work

Many people have that co-worker they just click with. You get each other's jokes, you like the same kinds of food, and you have the same feelings about your (amazing and/or terrible) boss. This person, that co-worker you just can't work without, is your BFAW - "best friend at work."

Typically, a BFAW is distinct from a BFF. More specifically, a BFAW is someone you interact with primarily at work. While you and your BFAW might really enjoy each other's company in the workplace, you may never see each other outside it. And that's okay; many BFAW relationships "work" this way.

However, some BFAWs choose to expand their friendship outside the workplace, to social outings such as parties and sporting events. In these cases, you might develop a real BFF relationship, or you might find out that you and your co-worker are better off being just work friends.


Tom is my BFAW, but I never see him outside the office

BFAWs often celebrate success together

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Updated February 7, 2023

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