What does froyo mean?

Frozen yogurt

Froyo is an abbreviation for "frozen yogurt." Kewl kids may use froyo when talking about their favorite frozen yogurt shop or their favorite flavors of frozen yogurt.

What is frozen yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert that's similar to ice cream, but made with yogurt and (typically) some sort of flavoring. Notably, frozen yogurt contains less fat than ice cream, which makes people think they can eat more of it while remaining "healthy." (Frozen yogurt makers often claim it's healthier than ice cream, but it may have just as much or even more sugar. So YMMV on whether it's actually healthier.)

What else might froyo refer to?

For a while, Google assigned dessert names to new versions of the Android operating system. Android version 2.2 was codenamed Froyo.


I'm in the mood for some froyo, hbu?
Some delicious froyo
Some delicious froyo

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Updated September 7, 2022

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