FU has 2 meanings
1. What does FU stand for?

F*** you


FU is an acronym that is used as a censored substitute for the "F*** you" phrase. It is most often spoken out loud or used in texts or online.

The two-letter acronym is typically utilized by people that don't want to swear but are really angry or in a bad mood. It is a popular comeback after getting dissed but not having anything clever to say.


You smell like expired milk
You might get an "FU!" out of this woman
You might get an "FU!" out of this woman

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Updated May 7, 2019
2. What else might FU stand for?

Fully understood

In some rare cases, people may use FU to mean "fully understood," instead of "f*** you." However, this usage of FU is uncommon, and you likely shouldn't do it yourself. (Because nearly no one is going to assume FU stands for fully understood.)

For example, if you explain something to a friend, they have no reason to be mad at you, and they reply with "FU," FU might stand for fully understood. You'll still want to check in with your friend, however, to double-check that they used FU to mean fully understood, and to explain why they shouldn't do so going forward.


Do you get it?
Yes, FU
... wait, what?

A man who is about to send FU (the clean version)

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Updated July 27, 2023

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