What does FTW stand for in gaming and online?

For the win

FTW is a declaration of victory that gamers often send when about to win a game or match. For example, before clinching victory by destroying an enemy's base, you might say, "I'm surrounding his base with my tanks FTW!"

While gamers initially used FTW in multiplayer matches, the acronym has grown in popularity, spreading to other areas of life. For example, people began using it in messages and online to celebrate big victories like a salary raise or proposal and small victories, like waking up on time for school.

While FTW fits most contexts involving success, you can use FTEW for super impressive victories. The "E" in "FTEW" stands for "epic."


Now, FTW, I am bringing my siege tanks to his base

The FTW proclamation

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Updated May 31, 2023

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